has a simple premise: Be the best destination in Australia for Custom Safety Vests.

Be it online or offline, Sydney Metro, Country NSW or Outback WA, we want to be the first choice for your hi visiblity vests.

We run out of a small office in Bondi Beach with a few posters on the wall, inspiring us to 'get shit done' and 'build stuff that matters'. The get shit done part not only means getting your orders out to you without messing about but also about building an awesome website, giving you great service, and making sure we always are looking ahead to how to make things easier and better for our customers.

'Build stuff that matters' inspires us to create a product, that you, our customer, will love to use, and come back for.

This, of course, means some real people behind this business:

Oren Davidson Chief of Staff

Mostly in-charge of making sure the coffee machine is full of beans, but also ensures that we are always ahead of the curve in terms of exceeding your expectations and staying ahead of the competition.

Indraneil aka Neil Second-In-Command

Sales Manager, Account Manager, Spreadsheet Czar, Head Mediator, Marketing Guru and Master Strategist, just about whenever you need something done, Neil is there. With abundant talent and an eye for perfectionism, he makes sure the wheels keep turning as smoothly as possible. Whatever the team dreams up, he's there to make sure it has some ROI.


All around amazing dual/quad multi-tasker with an eye for detail and about 250 wpm typing speed. Emily makes sure your orders get out on time and if something goes wrong she's there to whack someone on their head.

Giru Decoration Artiste

Decoration Artiste. When you get something printed, it not by coincidence we get it right. Giru is there to make sure your vision, company and artwork and laid out perfectly and are present like you need it on your safety vest.

And others who constantly help us to get things together

Patrick Nolan Director & Founder of Delta Ready Technology Pty Ltd.

Irish by descent, Australian by choice and honorary Russian by virtue of my life partner. If thinking, by convention were confined to a box, I'd be inclined to think outside just to see what might yield!

Michael Bower Chief Strategy Officer, Sellry

Michael Bower has been a startup junkie since age 11, when he sold frogs on Mother's Day to raise money for SCUBA lessons. Today, Michael and his team build e-commerce systems that make it easier to sell frogs and other things too.

Robert Williams Chief Designer, Robert Williams Design

Robert helps tech startups maximize revenue by creating conversion-optimized websites, freelancing from a laptop near the beach in California.

Benjamin Lupton

Benjamin Lupton is the founder of Bevry, a Sydney based company dedicated to empowering developers everywhere. His javascript and node projects are some of the most popular in the world, even 37Signals and Microsoft use them. Besides work, he drives his family nuts with questions of life.