Here are 3 questions you should ask yourself when looking to purchase a new safety vest

  1. Day vs Day/Night

    Does your team have to work after hours or need to stay on site sometimes past dusk? If so it's best to invest in a day/night safety vest.

    Day/Night compliant vests have reflective stripes whereas day vests are made of a highly visible material, but this cannot be seen at night and are not compliant with night safety requirements. All Day/Night safety vests can of course be worn during daytime as well

    The price difference is quite small for the actual vest. Therefore in our opinion it is worth to invest the additional few dollars to get a night compliant vest, especially if you are getting it customised.

    It is important to note that Australian Standards only certify Orange and Yellow vests to be worn during the day. There has been an increase in customer enquiries for vests in pink and other non-standard colours. Though these can be used during the night if they have certified reflective stripes on them, under no condition are they permitted for day use.

  3. Cross Back vs H Pattern

    This is only relevant for day/night compliant vests as it refers to the shape of the reflective stripes. Certain industries have regulations pertaining to the style of the reflective stripes. If you are unsure of any standard relevant to your industry it is best to consult a regulative body which can assist you in choosing the correct vest.

    In general transport and logistics industries require the Cross Back - X Pattern, and most other industries require the H Pattern.

  5. Standard vs Long Tail

    The long tail safety vest features 2 reflective bands on the back and a longer tail. This longer tail is suited for transport and construction. The longer tail vest allows the wearer to be visible even when they might be bent or leaning forward. The long tail is available in two configurations:

    Long tail vest with H Pattern - This safety vest comes in Orange and Yellow, has a front velcro closure and complies with Australian Standards. The H pattern vest also allows easier decoration as the space in the back can be printed at a maximum size of A3. This allows you to add your company name and phone number or any other marketing or safety information you desire. This vest is also popular with the security industry as it allows a large print on the back.

    Long tail with X Pattern - This vest also comes in Orange and Yellow, with front Velcro and standard compliant. Mostly suited for transport and logisitics as per the industry requirements. The only difference is the back X pattern which means it can be decorated on the front left or the front right. The recommended size is around 10cm by 10 cm.