The Queensland Motorcycle School is the Sunshine Coasts leading motorcycle training and QRide assessment centre. Established in 1997 and run by a team of fully accredited instructors, the school offers their services to teach the correct riding techniques and safest road craft skills to all new motorcycle riders.


The school offers a one-on-one personally tailored training service to all its new riders. Not having the pressure of a group training session helps the riders to feel comfortable and confident to move from their training centre and on to the open road.


Queensland Motorcycle School take their safety very seriously. Not only do they focus on making sure riders are ready before they go out on the open road, they also make sure that while their training is being done, the riders are wearing the correct safety gear and hi visibility clothing. This is where we come in! School instructor Mark Langford came to us here at Govests asking for us to help him out with hivis vests. They informed us of just how important these vests are for the company.


"Our learner riders safety is our upmost concern, we need to ensure the vests are visible, don't come undone quickly, are clearly printed with our logo and meet the specifications governing display of the "L" plate on the back." – Mr Langford said.

Taking all of this into consideration we recommended what we thought would be most suitable and what would also look great. Oren, the printer down at Govests said it was easy to choose what vests would work best.


“When Mark contacted us we knew to recommend he use Prime Mover vests which meet the Australian Standards in safety. These vests are great and have a strong Velcro closure so they won’t fly off during a ride. We also made sure the inks we used would not come off easily as we know these vests will go through a lot." - Oren.

Mr Langford has given us great feedback about our printed vests saying he was very happy with the end result! If you are interested in having printing done on any of our hivis vests, please feel free to contact us by emailing or calling 1800 505 290 during our business hours of 9AM-5PM weekdays.