We are very excited to reveal our newest offering. Reflective Prints!

Show off your company logo even after hours.

The reflective print is made out of a very durable Vinyl film. We use only the best available in Australia from Velfex. The velflex film is of commercial quality, can withstand industrial wash in high temperatures.

The process involves using a CAD cutting machine to carve out the shape of your logo on the Vinyl film. This special film is heat activated and it is then pressed onto the garment.

We have tested this film on our range of Day/Night safety vests, polo shirts and also on cotton Vests and it has performed the best out of all our other candidates.

Due to the nature of the cutting process, we can't print very small details(less than 2mm thin) onto the garment.

We'll be showcasing our first few customer who get this print with their next job and will share the experience with you.