High visibility clothing provides an effective layer or risk reduction in high risk and high traffic applications or environments, providing the wearer with an extended visibility profile that increases the likelihood that passing motorists or fellow workers will be aware and take note of the position of the wearer. This is especially important for those who work on roadways or in emergency services professions, but also includes:

  • Traffic controllers 
  • Train shunters 
  • Crane chasers 
  • Track workers 
  • Ground crews 
  • All those working in high traffic areas


The AS/NZS 4602:1999 standards on daytime and night time high visibility workwear in Australia and New Zealand is a checklist for those who employ high visibility workwear, and provides a set of guidelines for both garment characteristics and garment preparation and usage.


Garment Characteristics


Garment requirements will vary depending on whether the garment in question is rated for daytime only, night time only, or both day and night high visibility use:


Daytime High Visibility garments are crafted from fluorescent fabric that increases the visibility profile during daylight hours or in brightly lit environments. All daytime high vis vests from Govests offer fluorescent construction that meets or exceeds all requirements as set forward in the AS/NZS 4602:1999 standards.


Day and Night High Visibility garments utilise the same fluorescent colour patterns used by daytime high vis workwear, but include an application of retroreflective tape in a specific amount and shape. This tape reflects incoming light back to the source, greatly increasing the visibility profile of the wearer in low light conditions. All our custom hi vis vests rated for both day and night use meet the AS/NZS 4602:1999 standards on both amount and placement of retrereflective tape.


Night Time Only High Visibility garments are less common, and are crafted for use only at night or in low light conditions. These garments forgo the fluorescent colouring and utilise only reflective tape to enhance visibility.


Wearer’s Responsibilities


When wearing high visibility vests, wearers should note that there are steps that must be taken to ensure that the garment can provide maximum performance and risk mitigation. Wearers are responsible for ensuring that these requirements are met:

  • The fluorescent colour of the garment should be chosen to provide maximum contrast with the surrounding work area. Outdoors, bright orange is generally the best choice, while urban work sites are often better suited to bright green or yellow.
  • In all situations where high visibility clothing is in use, the user should wear light coloured clothing that contrasts as well as possible with any background colouration.
  • High visibility clothing should be worn and fastened correctly at all times, in accordance with instructions from both the manufacturer and the workplace management.


Govests.com.au offers a wide range of colouration options that allow you to pick the vest that offers the best possible contrast with your surroundings. Please note that high visibility vests and workwear will not prevent accidents, but they can decrease the likelihood of danger. Ultimately, your vigilance in high risk areas is the most important safety tool at your disposal.