When we launched Govests back in 2013, we were focused on providing Australian businesses with the best quality vests and great customer service for customising and printing safety vests. This has been a long journey of almost 10 years and we've grown and learned a lot.

  • We managed to move between 3 different warehouses
  • We partnered with new exciting brands
  • We learned a lot about printing hi vis
  • We have invested in new machinery and new processes


Most importantly we've learned that there is a huge demand out there for a easy, fast and affordable printing services.

This is why we are launching a new website: www.workdepot.com.au that aims to offer a new one-stop platform for Australian workwear, hi vis and printing. Workdepot is run by the same dedicated team that runs govests, but with a new mantra, of more than just safety vests. Together with the new website, we are launching our own range of hi vis called 'Code Red'. Code Red Workwear offer hi vis polo shirts, hi vis vests and fleece. We will expand the range to also include more items such as work shirts and pants in the near future.

Focus on Hi Vis Technology

One thing that hasn't changed is our focus on technology. Workdepot has the aim to become the premier destination for hi vis for Australian business. We will also stock and sell Bisley, Hard Yakka and Code Red Workwear under one roof. We are also one of the only providers of same day printing services on hi vis and we aim to invest in the processes to ensure that we can continue to provide this unique service.

Pink Hi Vis Vest and more

The new Code Red products aim to fill a gap in the market where we as the first point of contact with numerous customers can here where the demand is heading. One such example is pink workwear, which as a result of high demand we've launched our unique pink hi vis vest: Code Red Pink Hi Vis Vest This vest has reflective tape and front velcro closure as is a great way to identify staff that don't need normal high visibilty workwear, but want to wear something that stands out and is visible and noticable. The vest is also availble from size XS which makes it great for men and women alike. With our in-house workwear printing service on workdepot, we can also offer very competitive pricing, and a fast turn around time. We also have a range of hi vis zip vests, pockets vests, and also dual tone high vis here: https://www.workdepot.com.au/products/high-vis-vest

Printed Workwear 

We know that business owners and managers are in a short supply of time, so a main key deliverable on workdepot was the focus on easy ordering and replenishment of workwear, especially when there is some screen printing or embroidery included. Although the final solution is still being developed, the website will allow staff to easily re-order products  or even order a different style of product with the same decoration. For example if a business has ordered any hi vis, and added a printed logo on the front, the user can login, choose the same logo, and add it to an order on a cap or business shirt or any other workwear. The benefit is that there is no additional approval time required and the logo once setup can be applied on any garment as it's saved in the account.