Frequently asked questions about our production and delivery.

Can I pick my vests up from you?

Yes Sure! But you'll need to be in touch to make sure we have the job ready for you.

Another option is to organise your own courier. Some of our larger customers may have accounts with courier companies that allow them to ship at wholesale rates. So where it may cost us to ship your item $20, if you do lots of shipments, your courier may provide this service at a cheaper rate to you. You then can book a pickup, send us the labels to put on your boxes. We'll then prepare them for your courier to swing by and you won't have to pay us any shipping fees.

It's worthwhile noting that non-decorated orders may ship directly from our suppliers' warehouses or fulfilment centres and not all of them want customers picking up. We had an incident where a customer organised to pick up and order for 2 vests online from our fulfillment centre(this centre manages thousands of shipments per day for hundreds of clients). He wanted the warehouse staff to change a size to a larger size. He was not happy to be informed that the company that packs your items is not the company that makes the items and is not the company that your ordered from. The picking staff are not allowed to change/replace items as it's not their stock to control, so therefore some suppliers have banned customer pickups entirely and need all orders to be electronically submitted.

We hope you do understand this, and most importantly we are always here to answer your emails and phone calls and if you do want an item replaced or refunded we can definitely help you depending on the situation.